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The Bluegrass Patriots

Established 1980

Patriots release "new" CD


The 1980's began with Ronald Reagan in the White House... "Reagan in the White house doin' his best, McKinley in the graveyard (still!) takin' his rest." They ended with the tearing down of the Berlin wall. "And the walls came tumblin' down". You see..Bluegrass music is timeless in its lyrical content. And speaking of timeless.

The Bluegrass Patriots formed in 1980. In retrospect it seemed inevitable these five musicians get together and create some sort of musical statement. Traditional? Yes. Unique? In some ways. Slightly ragged? Yes, in a good way.

The first Patriot Album, released in 1983 entitled "The Bluegrass Patriots" featured a variety of music from original songs, to folk classics, to bluegrass classics. There was Ken in the studio with a pillow under his foot to keep his foot stomping noise to a minimum. The rest of the Band?..They were just glad to be in a band making their first recording. Imagine it.touring and having a vinyl record to sell after each performance.In 1983!!!

The follow up album "Someone New" released in 1986 had elements similar to the first release. The Patriots were eager and excited to make a Bluegrass statement. And like the first recording, "Someone New" was traditional and unique.

The 1980's were a time of enthusiasm in the band. The 1990's were more directed toward professionalism. Please understand the 1990's had its share of enthusiasm, but there was less all night jamming, camping out at festival sites..but the band managed to get Ken to stop stomping his foot in the studio.

With this said, The Patriots enthusiasm of the 1980's needed to be reproduced on compact disc...Remember ..traditional, unique, and slightly ragged (but right!). And to anyone, who is a Bluegrass Patriot fan, we hope you enjoy this recording.

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