The Bluegrass Patriots

The Bluegrass Patriots

Established 1980

"...they're a wonderful group, they're fine entertainers, they're good musicians and they sing wonderful." - Bill Monroe

Patriots Release New CD of Classic Recordings

Cover - Through The YearsJimmy Carter was President in October of 1980 when the Bluegrass Patriots played their first gig in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The five-member band continued for the next 22 years without a personnel change until the death of "Ranger" Rick Bradstreet in 2002. During the following nine years, various musicians filled Rick's spot, including Dan Mitchell, Bobbie Vickery, Ernie Martinez, Jean Ballhorn and Paul Kiteck.

The Bluegrass Patriots have recorded six CDs over the years, and they have performed for President Gerald Ford, Senator/Astronaut John Glenn, and Governor Richard Lamm.

"Through the Years...Favorite Songs and Requests contains 22 of their favorite and most requested recordings.

Available for purchase at live shows, or visit

  1. When We Were Barefoot Kids So Long Ago 3:17 (Bob Lominac)
  2. The Last Waltz 3:09 (M. Pierce, M. Freeman)
  3. Wave Goodbye 3:04 (Elliott Rogers)
  4. Bound In Sorrow 2:59 (Willie McDonald)
  5. Longing For The Ozarks 2:28 (Jimmy Orchard)
  6. When You and I Were Young, Maggie 4:43 (Traditional)
  7. Mean Woman 2:53 (Garry Bradstreet & Rick Bradstreet)
  8. More And More 3:15 (Merle Kilgore)
  9. Sparkling Brown Eyes 2:24 (Bill Cox)
  10. Put My Little Shoes Away 3:52 (Traditional)
  11. Big Sandy River 2:50 (Kenny Baker \ Bill Monroe)
  12. Wild Wild Rose 3:47 (Ozzie Thorpe)
  13. Loggin' Man 2:12 (Del McCoury)
  14. You're Running Wild 2:26 (R. Edenton & D. Winters)
  15. Falling In Love 2:28 (Willie McDonald)
  16. Trail of the Lonesome Pine 2:20 (Traditional)
  17. Tom Horn 2:43 (Danny Rogers & Grant Rogers)
  18. Springtime In The Rockies 3:22 (Sauer / Woolsey)
  19. Dreams About The Hills Of Home 2:52 (Ron Spears)
  20. Someone New 3:18 (David Sexton)
  21. Streets of Baltimore 3:07 (Tompall Glaser & Harlan Howard)
  22. The Captain 2:01 (Willie McDonald)

Patriots to Play 2015/2016 Reunion Shows

Bluegrass Patriots Promo Photo 2003. Click for a larger view.The Bluegrass Patriots, one of the very, very few working bands in the bluegrass world to have testimony from the father himself. In history and tradition, for 35 years the Bluegrass Patriots, from Fort Collins, Colorado, have faithfully represented the unbroken circle that is bluegrass. But longevity is a reward reserved for those bands with the talent, drive, and class to sustain the highest levels of musicianship and entertainment. And like an old instrument, their sounds have grown sweeter through the years. Present as always in their show are the stunning lead and harmony vocals by all five members, the bluesy and punchy picking, well-penned originals, and folksy charm on stage. Slowed, they have not. Try to catch them if you can somewhere between California and Ireland.

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